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My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 Is Happening, and the Whole Family Is Back (Even Joey Fatone)

We’re living in an age where every franchise gets its own reboot, spin-off, or sequel. But somehow, much like the original 2002 smash hit, My Big Fat Greek Wedding’s sequel—due out in March 2016—comes straight out of left field. The original captured lightning in a bottle: On an indie budget, and with no big-name leads, it achieved blockbuster success. And, as anyone who lived through 2002 probably remembers, it was also surprisingly quotable for an indie flick. (“Put some Windex on it!”) Kirk Jones will replace original director Joel Zwick for the sequel, but good news: New director and debatable necessity aside, this sequel looks just as funny as the original.

From the trailer, it looks like the whole gang is back: Nia Vardalos returns not only as the screenwriter, but also as Toula, and the eternally dreamy John Corbett returns as her husband, Ian. Their daughter is all grown up now, and groaning at her family’s pleas to “make babies” as she prepares to choose a college. But if you thought we’d be watching her get married, think again. The trailer explains pretty much the entire plot, which manufactures an excuse to get the whole, loud family together again. But the most exciting news is that Joey Fatone will, indeed, return as Angelo. Also, apparently John Stamos is involved now? Opa!