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Melissa McCarthy Is the World’s Richest Woman, With the World’s Worst Hair, in The Boss

“My name is Michelle Darnell, and I am the wealthiest woman in America,” Melissa McCarthy announces over a loudspeaker. “How wealthy am I? I wanted to come down on a golden phoenix, and I sure as shit did it.” In the first trailer for The Boss, McCarthy’s character starts out as a Goliath but her life gets turned upside down (not unlike a certain Omnimedia empress) when she’s arrested for insider trading. Coffers drained and golden phoenix long forgotten, Michelle has nowhere to go when she’s released from prison. Enter Claire, her downtrodden assistant played by Kristen Bell, who generously allows the ex-mogul to sleep on her pullout couch.

Michelle wallows there until she accompanies Claire’s daughter to a Dandelion meeting and decides a Girl Scout cookie empire is her way back to the top. Complete with vigorous sales training, an Anchorman-style street fight, and hair that rivals Steve Carell’s in The Big Short, The Boss hits theaters April 2016.