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Watch a Supercut of James Bond Villains Laughing

Javier Bardem chuckles in Skyfall.

Video still

If the evil laugh is an art form, James Bond villains are a pack of Picassos. A delightful new supercut from Phil Whitehead shows just how much villains from the famous franchise love to laugh—and how well they do it. Whitehead selected clips from as far back as 1964’s Goldfinger (in which Gert Fröbe plays the chuckling titular character) and from as recently as 2012’s Skyfall (in which Javier Bardem laughs like a lunatic) to illustrate how, although the villains might change, their penchant for laughter spans decades.

Christoph Waltz plays the shadowy villain in Spectre, the newest Bond film, which comes out Nov. 6. Given that Waltz has pretty much made a career out of snide, snickering performances, it’s a safe bet he’ll carry on the tradition.