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This Cover of “Hotline Bling” From the Woman’s Perspective Is Irresistible  

Drake’s near-No. 1 hit “Hotline Bling” is Drake at his Drake-iest. A tinge misogynistic and a lot sad, the rapper/crooner’s lyrics capture a man who can’t stand to see that his former booty call has moved on to bigger and more exciting things—using up all the pages in her passport, hanging with some girls he doesn’t know—ever since he became famous. (And shaming her for it, too: “[You] used to be a good girl.”) When served up by Drake on top of a smooth cha-cha sample, it’s hypnotic.

Still, the world needs a counter to the message of “Hotline Bling” as much as it needed those “Hotline Bling” dance memes, and thankfully, now we have one. Ceresia’s version of the hit song sounds a lot like the original, only the perspective is a bit more empowering—with just a few ever so slight tweaks in the lyrics, primarily the pronouns, the singer paints a picture of a woman who’s totally over the guy who feels entitled to her undying affections. “I got somebody else, he don’t need nobody else,” she says. Hopefully Sad Drake gets the picture.