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Lena Dunham Dances Her Heart Out, Is As Naked As Ever in This Girls Season 5 Teaser

Girls returns for its fifth (and possibly penultimate) season next year, and from the first teaser, it seems the show has more energy than ever. Here, we see a sports-bra-clad Hannah Horvath (Lena Dunham) strutting her stuff in a dance class.

In typical shameless Dunham fashion, she pops, swings her hips, and humps her jacket to “Get Up On It.” At the end of Season 4, Hannah declined to get back together with her ex, Adam, Jessa set her sights on being a therapist, Shoshanna took a job overseas, and Marnie decided to become a solo musician. No hints yet as to what’s going on with the rest of the cast, but we’re still a long way out from the season’s Feb. 21 premiere. Until then, your move, Drake.