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Adele’s First Live “Hello” Performance Is As Lovely and Gut-Wrenching As You’d Expect    

In case anyone forgot that Adele is no ordinary human, but rather an elevated being whose vocal cords might one day be bronzed, her first televised live performance since the 2013 Academy Awards will air on Nov. 20—just in time for the release of her new album, 25. The trailer for Adele at the BBC has already arrived, and her vocals are just as powerful as fans would expect.

After she has a quick chat with the BBC’s Graham Norton, the trailer jumps straight to Adele performing the chorus of “Hello.” Aside from some subtle virtuosic flourishes, Adele’s performance is indistinguishable from the recorded version. After the performance preview, the trailer also includes a quick Q&A with one fan, who asked if it’s true Adele isn’t allowed to post to her own Twitter account. This is apparently true, because when Twitter first came out Adele had a habit of drunk tweeting. Maybe, despite those superhuman pipes, she’s more like the rest of us than we thought.