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Watch Adele Do “Hello” Classroom Instrument-Style With Jimmy Fallon and the Roots

One of the Tonight Show’s most consistently great recurring bits is its classroom instrument covers—everyone from Mariah Carey to the cast of Sesame Street have transformed their pop hits into infectious, stripped down musical treats.* It was only a matter of time before Adele got in on the action, and she joined Jimmy Fallon and the Roots this week for a sprightly rendition of her massive ballad, “Hello.”

In the opinion of this writer, the collaboration improves greatly upon the inescapable ode that will apparently save us all from our awkward Thanksgiving dinner conversations: Her voice sounds amazing, per usual, but this edition is also playful and light-hearted. If you prefer your Adele a little more on the bright side, keep this version on repeat.

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*Correction, Nov. 25, 2015: This post originally misidentified the Tonight Show as Late Night.