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This Is What It Looks Like When 300 Kate Bush Impersonators Re-Enact Her Video for “Wuthering Heights”

No one frolics in a field quite like Kate Bush. In the iconic music video for 1978’s “Wuthering Heights,” Bush dons a red dress and dances solo in a misty field for the song’s entire four minutes and 26 seconds. Bush wrote the song when she was just 18 (after watching the 1967 BBC miniseries based on Emily Brontë’s novel), and it’s still her biggest hit.

Bush’s squeaky soprano and performance-art–style videos gained her a global cult following, and back in May 2013, a U.K.-based performance troupe called Shambush! decided to pay tribute to her “Wuthering Heights” video—and Open Culture just unearthed the result. After the troupe invited resident Kate Bush fans to meet at Stanmer Park in Brighton to recreate it, more than 300 people turned up for the re-enactment, evidently causing a shortage in red gowns. The resulting video of hundreds of Kate Bushes—both tall and small, male and female, bearded and two-year-old—giving “Wuthering Heights” their all is, well, just watch it.