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Jimmy Stewart Is Stalked By Stanley Kubrick Characters in This Surreal Short Film

Jimmy Stewart is confused.

Still from Vimeo

Though their careers overlapped for three decades, Jimmy Stewart and Stanley Kubrick never once collaborated on a feature film. That small tragedy has been amended by The Red Drum Getaway, a bizarre, entrancing short film that sees Stewart wander through not one Kubrick movie but several, looking more and more confused as he strolls through a cross-genre cinemascape.

There is, of course, one other artist in play here: Alfred Hitchcock, director of Stewart’s most famous performances. Combining Hitchcock and Kubrick’s worlds seems like a pointless exercise, but it’s done here with incredible skill, and there’s a goofy magic to seeing Stewart crash the Eyes Wide Shut orgy, trade Rear Window glances with Jack Torrance, and try to shake the Clockwork Orange crew off his tail. The film was made by Gump’s Adrian Dezalay, Emmanual Delabaere, and Simon Philippe.