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The Honest Trailer for Aladdin Explains What Those Songs Are Really About

It’s been 23 years since Aladdin’s release, enough time for the movie to be worshipped by a generation, made into a Broadway musical, and canonized as a Disney classic. The time is right, then, for Screen Junkies to skewer the film with an Honest Trailer, and their take on the “hunky thief with no home, no parents, and no nipples” doesn’t disappoint.

Besides noting, correctly, that the Genie may be the only reason Aladdin is any good, the mock trailer riffs on the suspect legal status of Aladdin and Jasmine’s relationship, the latter’s first-world problems (“I don’t want to be a princess anymore!”), and, most comically, the real meaning behind those beloved songs. Suffice to say that “A Whole New World” will never seem the same.