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If Mad Max: Fury Road Were an 8-Bit Video Game

With its stripped-down plot, unceasing action, and rich mythology, Mad Max: Fury Road practically screams to be made into a videogame. And in a way, it was: September saw the release of Mad Max, an open-world title that mines its material from Fury Road and its predecessors. But for something a bit more old school, there’s CineFix’s charming 8-bit-ification of the film, which turns George Miller’s hit into a pixelated, side-scrolling adventure.

The video lovingly recreates the movie’s sand-swept landscape, and it’s good fun to see an arcade aesthetic applied to the dozens of War Boy kills Max and Furiosa make in their sprint through the desert. As usual, the excellent animation and score were done by David and Henry Dutton, respectively.