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Grimes, Indescribable Indie Star, Is Back With an Indescribable Music Video

Perhaps the single concrete statement one could make about the music of Claire Boucher, aka Grimes, is that people have a tough time articulating what exactly it sounds like. Is it “freak-folk”? “Sci-fi R&B”? “Home-brewed electronica”? And what about Boucher herself, a DIY savant who unilaterally controls her output? Does she want to be a pop star? A producer? A DJ?

The singer’s latest concoction, a two-part video entitled “Flesh Without Blood/Life in the Vivid Dream,” answers none of those questions, but it does reinforce the offbeat, genre-agnostic nature of Boucher’s talent. She wrote, directed, edited, colored, and art directed the seven-minute head trip, which sees her romp around as characters named “LV., Roccoco Basilisk, Kill V. Maim, and Skreechy Bat.” Both songs featured are from her forthcoming album, Art Angels, which is out Nov. 6.