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The First With Bob and David Sketch Is Here, and It’s Surprisingly Topical

There are still a few weeks left before Mr. Show creators Bob Odenkirk and David Cross reunite for their Netflix limited series With Bob and David, but the first sketch is now online. Apropos of today’s news that red meat has been linked with cancer, this sketch centers on a poor schmuck named Mike, who has vowed to give up red meat after some alarming news from his doctor.

Mike’s friends, who have set more modest goals—such as becoming pope—don’t have much faith in him. “You love meat, though,” Odenkirk protests. Mike’s other friends echo those doubts, no matter how much Mike insists he doesn’t have much of a choice—he’ll die if he doesn’t cut down on the red meat, after all. The sketch isn’t as anarchic and experimental as many Mr. Show sketches, so any meat lover who has tried to convert can probably predict how it ends. Take it as an appetizer before the series premieres Nov. 13.