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Hannibal Buress’ Messy Unemployable Pilot Will Make You Glad He’s a Comedian

Even Hannibal Buress doesn’t know why he’s scooping goat poop in his  Unemployable  pilot.

Hannibal Buress has always been a comedian. He’s never had another job, which left him harboring a burning question: Is he good at anything else?

The answer is no. He’s terrible at everything, and we have the TV pilot to prove it. Unemployable, which Buress shot for Comedy Central in 2014, chronicles Buress’ attempts to work jobs that aren’t stand-up comedy. In this first episode, which Buress shared this week, he fumbles his way through stints as a goat farmer and as a chef in a famous New Orleans diner.

The show was never picked up, and it’s not hard to see why. For one thing, the premise leads to predictable outcomes: Hannibal Buress is terrible at every job he attempts, hilarity ensues. Watching exactly how he screws up is supposed to hold our interest, but once the show introduces a goat udder, it becomes pretty clear that Buress will only have a hoof to the face and a puddle of spilled milk to show for his trouble. There are a few funny moments but also plenty of failed punchlines. Buress is a great comedian, but Unemployable doesn’t give him much to work with. Hannibal Buress superfans can fixate on the pilot’s few redeeming qualities, but the rest of us should be glad that Buress stuck with comedy.