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The New Trailer for The Good Dinosaur Features the Least Intimidating T-Rex You’ve Ever Seen

“What if the asteroid that destroyed the dinosaurs missed?” This grammatically questionable hypothetical (I believe you’re missing a “had,” there, Disney) opens the new trailer for Pixar’s The Good Dinosaur, which imagines a world in which dinosaurs, humans, and a bunch of other fantastical creatures coexist.

Here we see young Arlo, a neon-green Apatosaurus, become separated from his father and meet a tiny human child named Spot. Despite their different backgrounds, the two forge a deepening bond as they face various challenges and try to find their way back to Arlo’s family. If that sounds like a fairly banal kids’ movie plot, rest assured that adults will find plenty to enjoy in the details of the animation, between Arlo’s puppy-like big feet, Spot’s penchant for trotting around on all fours, a pretty goofy T-Rex, and a truly imaginative set piece involving groundhogs that look like Tribbles. I also have high hopes for a gang of Tyrannosaurs who talk like cowboys. The Good Dinosaur hits theaters on Nov. 25.