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The Daily Show Made Some “Secret,” Unlisted Trevor Noah YouTube Videos, Gamed Everyone

In a sneaky move to promote its premiere with Trevor Noah at the helm, The Daily Show planted a string of secret videos that have just now been unearthed. The show taped at least 15 unlisted YouTube videos tied to Trevor Noah search results. If you happen to search Trevor Noah’s name plus a term attached to one of the hidden videos, the video will pop up at the top of your results as a paid Google ad.

Uproxx discovered videos for “Trevor Noah Wiki,” “Trevor Noah Girlfriend,” “Trevor Noah Autotune,” “Trevor Noah ASMR,” “Trevor Noah Age,” “Trevor Noah Net Worth,” and “Trevor Noah Gay,” and SplitSider chimed in with “Trevor Noah Tweets,” “Trevor Noah Religion,” and “Trevor Noah Shirtless.” I uncovered “Trevor Noah Knitting,” “Trevor Noah Race,” “Trevor Noah Crocs,” “Trevor Noah Illuminati,” and “Trevor Noah Star Sign,” and doubtless there are dozens more waiting to be discovered. 

Any search term that isn’t specific enough brings you right back to “Trevor Noah Wiki.” Some videos, like the one for Wiki, hint at other videos (“If you want to know what star sign [I am] specifically, well I guess you can Google it.”), and still others feature Daily Show correspondents Jessica Williams and Jordan Klepper. The show clearly anticipated just how much frantic Googling Noah would inspire, and it’s hard to imagine a savvier marketing move for the SEO-optimized age.