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If Star Wars: The Force Awakens Were Full of Disney Characters

The Star Wars franchise depends on a few well-worn archetypes—the prodigal son, the princess, the fight between light and darkness—that happen to anchor another, more child-friendly canon: Disney movies. Those similarities are given a very literal tribute in YouTube user PistolShrimps’ latest video, which populates the Force Awakens trailer with characters like Belle, Simba, and a Sith Lord Jafar.

That may sound dumb and gimmicky, but the execution here is terrific: We get seamless shots of Aladdin flying across Tatooine, R2-D2 projecting Pinocchio, and Scar leading a Stormtrooper army. Even more impressive is how small Disney scenes—Simba running home across the desert, for example—are recreated in the trailer’s actual landscape. Perhaps Lucasfilm’s Disney overlords have a crossover hit or two forthcoming.