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The Culture Gabfest “#TeenLife” Edition

Slate’s Culture Gabfest on The Martian, The Grinder, and whether Hamlet is fat.

Listen to Culture Gabfest No. 368 with Stephen Metcalf, Julia Turner, and Dana Stevens

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This week on Slate Plus, the hosts discuss why Steve is no longer a vegetarian.

On this week’s Slate Culture Gabfest, the gabbers discuss last weekend’s box office smash, The Martian. Is it a charming crowd pleaser or artless competence porn? Next up, The Grinder stars Rob Lowe as a former TV lawyer who joins his brother’s firm. The show isn’t wildly original, but is it funny? Finally, a recent Slate investigation asked whether Shakespeare’s Hamlet was fat. The critics weigh in: How do we determine what a fictional character looks like?

Links to some of the things we discussed this week follow:

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Dana: Feast of Saint Francis and Blessing of the Animals at the Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine in New York

Julia: Blue Apron

Steve: Bob’s Burgers and The Third Man

Outro: John Cale’s “Graham Greene” 

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