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Watch 10 of the Best Movie Mistakes That Ended Up in the Final Cut

Blooper reels give us a funny inside look at our favorite movies and a sense of just how many things can go wrong during a film shoot. But some mistakes turn out better than anything a director could have planned—or simply go unnoticed—and thus make it into the final cut. This new video from Screen Rant compiles 10 of the best happy accidents to make it to the big screen.

The video occasionally seems to make assumptions as to why mistakes made it in—like a botched take (apparently one of many) that made it into Spy Kids. But it also provides a fascinating look at the kinds of mistakes and ad libs that can quietly sneak into movies. Some examples, like the poorly timed smoke effect for the Wicked Witch of the West’s exit in The Wizard of Oz, have interesting backstories. (Margaret Hamilton, who played the witch, understandably refused to film another red smoke-filled exit after suffering severe burns on her hand and face during filming.) Other cases, like Arnold Schwarzenegger’s impromptu “I need a vacation” in Terminator 2, and Chris Pratt actually dropping the orb in Guardians of the Galaxy, are endearing looks at how actors can merge with their characters.

And finally, if you doubt whether Mark Hamill really yelled Carrie Fisher’s name instead of Leia’s in Star Wars: A New Hope—scroll through this debate among YouTube commenters and know you’re not alone.