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Listen to an Alternate Version of “Say, Say, Say” With Different Michael Jackson Vocals

Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson released “Say, Say, Say” in 1983, and in honor of the song’s 32nd anniversary, McCartney shared a brand-new music video for the song on his Facebook page. The black-and-white MJ tribute (starring a lead who busts a few of Jackson’s signature moves) is excellent, but even more thrilling are the new MJ vocals that appear in the song. 

McCartney and Jackson sing in the same register, so it might be difficult for the casual listener to spot the difference. In this new version, instead of McCartney, MJ’s characteristic falsetto opens the song (“Say say say what you want, but don’t play games with my affection”), and McCartney takes over from there (“Take take take what you need, but don’t leave me with no direction”). The verse-sharing continues through the song, which is a little shorter than the version in 1983’s famous music video. McCartney includes this vocal-swapped version in his Pipes of Peace reissue, which came out Oct. 2. Relive the McCartney-Jackson glory days by watching the original video for “Say, Say, Say” below.