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Nathan Fielder Started an Outdoor Apparel Company That Recognizes the Horror of the Holocaust

Nathan Fielder just wants to make a difference. In the ingenious third season of his show, Nathan for You, he is still trying to help struggling small businesses succeed. And now on Conan he has announced his plan to establish Summit Ice, a new line of outdoor apparel that differentiates itself from other outdoor apparel companies in one key way: It recognizes the horror of the Holocaust. Fielder was inspired to launch the company after he mistakenly sported a jacket by Taiga, a Vancouver sportswear company that published a tribute to a Holocaust denier.

“The jacket’s water-resistant, it’s got a two-way stretch, it’s very breathable, and [it lets] you know that 6 million Jews did die,” he told Conan. “We’re all about the quality and getting those facts out.” Fielder is a little less righteous when it comes to issues like child labor. When Conan asks if Summit Ice’s manufacturers are above-board, he said, “You have to pick your cause. Between Holocaust awareness and that, I picked the Holocaust.”