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Jeff Daniels Combined His Newsroom and Dumb and Dumber Roles in One Goofy Late Late Show Bit

Jeff Daniels finally reconciled the two characters he’s probably best known for: Brilliant, hyperarticulate, hyper-self-righteous anchorman Will McAvoy on The Newsroom and bumbling straw-haired idiot Harry Dunne in Dumb and Dumber. During his appearance on The Late Late Show Tuesday night, Daniels interviews host James Corden as McAvoy but keeps getting interrupted by Dunne, a network intern.

The two characters never come into direct contact (that would take some serious screen splicing), but Dunne gets on McAvoy’s nerves nonetheless, telling him, “You are what’s wrong with television today. Television used to teach, it used to inspire, but now it’s just a competition between who’s dumb and who’s dumber.” (Ha ha.) Corden is the butt of at least one of Dunne’s jokes, but in the end he takes Dunne’s side over a stone-faced McAvoy’s, proving that comedy is the ultimate unifier.