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The Season 2 Trailer for Catastrophe Makes New Parenthood Look Amusingly Dystopian

The trailer for Catastrophe’s second season drops you into the amusing, occasionally dystopian reality of new parenthood: sleeplessness, attempting to pump while high, and, apparently, black nipples. Also in store for the show’s central couple, Rob and Sharon—whose tryst in London ended with a pregnancy—is, in the words of the trailer, a “sexual meltdown.”

Slate’s Willa Paskin described the British sitcom as “hilarious, dirty, quick, and very satisfying—not unlike the sex lives of its protagonists.” From the looks of it, the show’s second season will deliver the same wry charms. No word yet from Amazon on when the season will debut for American audiences, but returns to Channel 4 across the pond on Oct. 27.