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Every Single Wes Anderson Supercut on the Whole Internet, in One Supercut

There aren’t many directors who have so many stylistic tics and signatures that you can fill out a whole bingo board with them, but with Wes Anderson you can do that and still have a bunch of squares left over. This obsessive, distinctive style—combined with the kind of similarly obsessive chronicling it inspires from fans—has resulted in an unrivaled number of supercuts, stylistic parodies, and video essays. And, as all the preceding links suggest, we have posted a lot of them on Slate. (We’re big fans, and it’s pretty clear our readers like him just as much.)

But what this supercut presupposes is, maybe there are enough Wes Anderson supercuts?

(One side note: Unless I missed it, this supercut is missing one key series of video essays, which I’d suggest is the ur-Wes Anderson supercut. That’s Matt Zoller Seitz’s 2009 series “Wes Anderson: The Substance of Style,” on Anderson’s influences—the original Wes Anderson video essay, and still the best.)

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