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Channing Tatum, John Travolta, Zoolander Get Down in This Dance Scene Mashup Set to “Uptown Funk”

Bruno Mars’  “Uptown Funk” has inspired its share of mashups, remixes, and immitators, but YouTuber What’s the Mashup? has outdone them all, syncing  “Uptown Funk” to 100 different cinematic dance scenes in this mega dance-scene mashup.

Not content with classic dance-centric films like GreaseDirty Dancing, and Saturday Night Fever, this mash-upper spliced in such unlikely scenes as Charlie Chaplin playing with a pair of potatoes in The Gold Rush, Sylvester Stallone clapping to the beat in yellow satin hotpants in Rocky III, and Christopher Walken pulling a quick spin-and-snap move in King of New York. Of course, there’s also some Magic MikeFlashdance, and Footloose throwin in for good measure. All of which goes to show that anyone can get down to  “Uptown Funk.”