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The Daily Show Reassures Everyone That There’s Still One​ Old White Guy on the Show

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah premieres Monday night, and the team has been strategically releasing details in the lead-up to the debut. “Don’t worry,” promos so far seem to say, “nothing much will change.” In a press conference earlier today, Noah said: “I look at The Daily Show as a beautiful house that I’ve inherited. I’m not going to break the house down and start trying to build a house from there.” Apart from Samantha Bee and Jason Jones, who left the show earlier to focus on individual projects, all of The Daily Show’s correspondants are staying on with Noah. And in the newest clip from Comedy Central, released today, his correspondents are equally reassuring. “Same political satire you love,” says Jordan Klepper, “new British host.”

But Noah emphasized in today’s press conference that as a South African native, his outsider’s perspective will shape how he approaches—and criticizes—American poltics. Instead of bashing Fox News, Noah said that he wants time to make his own enemies. “I get to discover the person I will grow to loathe, to hate, and they may not be on Fox News,” he said. He also wants to feature more music guests and added a touch-screen to the (otherwise idential) set. But in the new promo, John Hodgman appears to reassure the change-averse: “There’s still an old white man on the show.”