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Tina Fey Tried, Failed to Name 20 Latino Actors by Name for Billy on the Street

Billy Eichner, the reigning “over-opinionated, shrieking, petulant asshole who also happens to be hilariously funny” (in the words of Slate TV critic Willa Paskin) of New York City, likes to yell. Usually he walk-jogs around the city and screams at ordinary New Yorkers, but since his show, Billy on the Street, moved to truTV it has become even more star-studded. For this particular sneak peek (the show premieres on October 8), Eichner recruits Tina Fey to yell at people with him. But first, they yell at each other.

Eichner introduces a game called LaTina Fey, in which Fey must give a fake Oscar speech thanking at least 20 Latina actors by name. “Latinos, Tina!” he shrieks as she struggles for names. “Latinos! Yes! Latinos!” She ekes out 19 names, falling just short of the goal, although “the woman from Jane the Virgin” is a bit of a stretch.