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The Knick Is Back and Looking Stylish as Ever in the Trailer for Season 2

The Knick is coming back to Cinemax on Oct. 16, and it looks like it hasn’t kicked all its old habits. The newly released trailer sports the typically stylish cinematography and editing that we’ve come to expect from the Steven Soderbergh-directed series, all cut to the sound of an unnerving ticking clock. And, as last season’s cliffhanger suggested, Clive Owen’s Dr. Thackery also seems to have picked up some new addictions. (Although this time he might be nursing them, at least for part of the season, in San Francisco.)


After the initially lukewarm reception that greeted the show’s first few episodes, the first season went on to wow many critics with its slick presentation and “directorial virtuosity,” forcing some skeptics to eat their words. Of course, this—plus the fact that is now finding more fans on HBO Go and HBO NOW—is also raising expectations for the second season, so we’ll see whether it can live up to the hype.

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