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In a New Daily Show Promo, Trevor Noah Assures His Colleagues “Nothing’s Going to Change”

If the first teaser trailer for The Daily Show With Trevor Noah emphasized the differences between Noah and his predecessor, Jon Stewart—specifically, their height difference—the second strives to reassure fans that “nothing’s going to change” when the new host takes the helm of the beloved satirical news show. In an exchange that plays like a scene from The Office, correspondents Jessica Williams, Hasan Minhaj, and Jordan Klepper (all of whom are familiar from Jon Stewart’s Daily Show) attempt to welcome Noah with a cricket bat, a rugby ball, and a vuvuzela. But Noah promises them that the South African sporting gear is unnecessary—after all, he says, “It’s still The Daily Show.”

Whether the new era will focus more on international news with Noah as host remains to be seen, but this sketch persuaded me that if the whole fake-news-show-thing doesn’t work out, Noah could successfully revamp it as a workplace sitcom. The Daily Show With Trevor Noah debuts on Comedy Central on Sept. 28.