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The Emmys Gave a Big Middle Finger to Spoiler Culture

Spoilers! People have strong opinions about them. The Emmys, apparently, do not, because this year, around the show’s midway point, it featured a montage that casually revealed the final moments of just about every notable TV show to air this year. Needless to say, reactions ranged from horrified:

To joyful:

To hilarious:  

Also needless to say: If you watch and have not finished Boardwalk Empire, Sons of Anarchy, Mad Men, True Blood, Parks and Recreation, or, well, any other show, you might want to avoid this video. But given how paranoid and needlessly stringent spoiler culture has become, the segment is also a nice reminder that, in the age of “peak TV,” there’s little point sweating a few missed plot points.   

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