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Taylor Swift and Mick Jagger Sang “Satisfaction,” Showed Off Their Very Different Struts

At this point, we’ve processed Taylor Swift’s 1989 World Tour via countless fan-shot iPhone videos—this is perhaps the first tour to go serially viral, night after night, with each new celebrity guest. In fact, based on the sheer number of amateur videos out there, it’s possible to re-create any single night of the tour—from multiple angles. In the words of Drake, what a time to be alive.

Swift’s string of guest stars continued on Saturday night during her Nashville show. In what felt like a nod to the time the Rolling Stones brought her onstage last summer, Swift performed the band’s hit “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction” alongside Mick Jagger. Jagger, spry as ever, strutted intensely around the stage while Swift kept things light and bouncy. Although the majority of Swift’s fans may be too young to know who Jagger is, it’s pretty mesmerizing to watch these two, with their polar-oppsite performance styles, battle for attention on the same stage.