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This Video Interview Sheds New Light on the Many Charms of T-Pain

T-Pain on Pitchfork’s Over/Under.

T-Pain has already proven that his musical talent transcends autotune, but it turns out we have more to learn from the Grammy-award-winning rapper slash singer slash producer. During his recent appearance on Pitchfork’s Over/Under—a reccuring video series in which musicians are asked to declare a series of random objects over- or underrated—he weighed in on the poop emoji, Helen Mirren, Jeb Bush, ghosts, and Daffy Duck, bringing a fresh new perspective to almost every topic. 

Take, for example, his opinion of the poop emoji: “I think people give the poop emoji—no pun intended—a lot of shit. I think it really needs more recognition. First of all, the fact that it knows that it’s poop and it still smiles, I just think that’s something we all can learn from as humans.” A skilled diplomat, he also suggests that instead of trying to screw each other over, Daffy Duck and Bugs Bunny should work together to bring down their common enemy, Elmer Fudd.

More takeaways: ghosts are real, Jeb Bush has moxy, Febreeze is magic. Aside from shedding new light on the many charms of T-Pain, this video also demonstrates why Pitchfork’s Over/Under is generally one of the most fun, surprising video interview series on the web.