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Watch Stephen Colbert’s Very First Monologue as Host of The Late Show

After surviving months of speculation and countless magazine profiles, Stephen Colbert finally made his debut as host of The Late Show on Tuesday. His first monologue was a lively affair, buoyed by what was clearly an elated audience, and Colbert began by thanking his fans, CBS, and Les Moonves before seguing into jokes about the sorry state of late night.

Perhaps the most interesting line, though, was his nod to his former persona—“with this show, I begin the search for the real Stephen Colbert.” Fans wondered how Colbert would fare without a part to play, but throughout the night he seemed to still be playing a character, albeit a milder, less cuckoo one than the guy who helmed The Colbert Report. That may change, of course, as the comic finds his groove; for now, it’s good to see him on TV again.