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South Park’s Brutal Donald Trump Murder Wasn’t South Park at Its Best

To add insult to injury, they also made him Canadian.

Still taken from the video.

It was inevitable that South Park would sensationally slaughter Donald Trump at some point, and last night, it delivered. The episode chronicled Mr. Garrison’s growing frustration with “dirty” Canadian immigrants, brought back the term “hot Cosby,” featured a grotesquely deformed Caitlyn Jenner (who carelessly runs over and kills two people), and ended on the genuinely disturbing murder of none other than GOP candidate Donald Trump.

In a twist that might be Trump’s least favorite thing about this episode, he’s not actually American here—he’s a “Canuck.” As Garrison’s anger over the influx of immigrants grows, he commits to “fuck [Canadians] all to death,” amid enthusiastic support from his fellow angry citizens. In the end, Garrison manages to sneak into Canada, hunt Trump down, and rape him to death in a scene that was … very intense, even for South Park.

Surprisingly, the show hasn’t touched Trump in over 10 years. The mogul made a brief cameo appearance in Season 5’s “The Entity,” but has otherwise been absent, even as Trump-bashing has cycled in and out of the zeitgeist. If they were lying in wait for the perfect moment to attack him, they clearly found it. But this episode—while shocking!—pretty much just reiterated existing cultural jokes about Trump’s bluntness and xenophobia instead of tackling him from some suprising, South Park-ian new angle. (As a counterpoint, see the very clever way they recently skewered PC culture by comparing it to a frat.) It’s apparently not so easy to spoof someone who is basically a cartoon himself.