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Finally, Those Screaming Rubber Ducks Are Singing Your Favorite Pop Songs    

On Monday, YouTuber and Internet hero Niick Name posted a mashup of Taylor Swift’s “I Knew You Were Trouble” and the viral video of anguished screaming rubber ducks that we’ve all been laughing at. If the result seems familiar, you’re probably having flashbacks to the “goats yelling like humans” video meme, which took over the Internet in 2013, and which many jokesters diligently edited into famous music videos. From Taylor Swift to Miley Cyrus to Whitney Houston, no artist was safe from the goat treatment.

Inspired by the haunting beauty of the screaming-goat music videos, we’ve mashed up some of our favorite pop songs with the blaring honks of that army of toy birds. Enjoy.

Duck Miley Cyrus

Duck Whitney Houston

Duck Taio Cruz

Duck Kelly Clarkson

Duck Bon Jovi

Duck Katy Perry

Duck The Weeknd

Update, Sept. 3: In grand Brow Beat tradition, here also is Duck American Beauty: