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TV’s Most Underrated Comic Returns in Nathan for You’s Season Three Trailer

Given the buzz around Inside Amy Schumer, Broad City, and Review, it’s easy to forget that the most creative show in Comedy Central’s lineup may well be Nathan for You. The docu-series, which sees Nathan Fielder play awkward, incompetent business consultant Nathan Fielder, is a sui generis effort that smuggles “a filmed meditation on the limits of politeness” into your everyday prank show.

The third season’s trailer delivers plenty of laughs, but it also promises an increased focus on the series’ most disarming subject: Nathan’s loneliness. That’s good news. Nathan for You is unnerving in its ability to tease out genuine, candid emotions, both in Nathan and his duped advisees, and it’ll be exciting to see how it further blurs the line between stunt comedy, social satire, and reality. The season premieres Oct. 15.