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Watch Matt Damon Re-Enact All His Big Movies With James Corden and Some Amazing Costumes

Matt Damon has proven to be quite an on-screen chameleon over the years, and on Tuesday’s Late Late Show with James Corden, the actor showed just how quickly he can shape-shift. The host and guest re-enacted all of Damon’s big movies, from Good Will Hunting to the Bourne franchise to Happy Feet Two, in just eight minutes. (They even snuck in a quick plug for The Martian, out this Friday.)

As with past installments of Corden’s “Roll Call” segment, the time crunch led to some hilariously truncated summary moments—including a recap of all three Ocean’s Trilogy movies in just 30 seconds—but they made time for a rousing rendition of “Tu Vuò Fà l’Americano,” à la The Talented Mr. Ripley. As impressive as Damon and Corden were, the real star of the segment is whoever facilitated all those quick prop and costume swaps, which allowed the actors to be everything from soldiers to lobsters to Liberace.