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A Brief History of Louis C.K.’s Campaign Against Cellphones

Much of Louis C.K.’s comedy deploys a sort of philosopher-king persona, which he uses to pithily opine on the ills plaguing society. Funnily enough, his most frequent target isn’t loneliness or capitalism or millennial self-absorption—it’s cellphones. C.K. really, really hates cellphones. That hatred is best explained in his 2013 tirade on Conan, but now A to Z Review has made a video that illustrates the full extent of the comic’s campaign against the devices.

The Conan clip is included, but the video also mines material from C.K’s show and stand-up, illuminating just how often he returns to the subject. As usual with the comic, the material is sharp and observant, but it’s worth noting that his bugbear actually isn’t all that bad.