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Watch the Trailer for Krampus, the Christmas Horror Movie Starring Adam Scott

Nothing brings families together—and reminds them why they spend the rest of the year apart—quite like the holidays. Personalities clash. People complain about the food. You find yourself hiding in a corner, drinking liquor from a mug. But the worst is when you’re snowed in and an ancient demon named Krampus starts terrorizing your whole family.

In the first trailer for Michael Dougherty’s Krampus, it’s all of the above. Krampus, which stars Adam Scott and Toni Colette, is the latest entry in the proud tradition of Christmas horror movies, which juxtapose gore and dread with seasonal cheer. (Past examples include slashers like Black Christmas and Silent Night, Deadly Night, plus the oddity that is Gremlins.) It’s hard to gauge the tone of Krampus from this trailer, but hopefully the screams and creepily slowed-down Christmas music won’t crowd out the cast’s comedic talents when the movie comes out on Dec. 4.