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Kevin Spacey Met Up With His Idol Carol Burnett, Imitated Her Idol Jimmy Stewart on The Late Show

Wednesday’s Late Show featured a touching, if slightly surreal moment of meta-idolatry: Kevin Spacey popped in and regaled his idol, actress and comedian Carol Burnett, with a spot-on impression of her idol, Jimmy Stewart.

Spacey’s repertoire of heartless, power-hungry, and occasionally murderous characters are a pretty far cry from Stewart’s good-natured everyman persona. But Spacey is a pretty expert impersonator, so when he dons the glasses and reads a hokey, heartfelt poem in Stewart’s famous drawl, he nails it—enough to make Burnett both laugh and, briefly, tear up. Of course, his poem still pales in comparison to Stewart’s own poem about his dog named Beau, which made Johnny Carson do more than just laugh on the Tonight Show.