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Janet Jackson Shares New Song “Unbreakable,” a Tribute to Her Fans

“Hello, it’s been a while” Jackson sings on the title track of her new album. “Lots to talk about./ I’m glad you’re still here.”

Photo by Ryan Pierse/Getty Images.

Janet Jackson is officially back: Her first tour in four years kicked off earlier this week to glowing reviews and her first new studio album in seven years, Unbreakable, is set for release in October. Now she’s dropped the title track, and like her first single from the album, the sultry “No Sleep,” Jackson and her long-time collaborators Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis have brought back the old-school sound that her fans first fell in love with.

“Unbreakable,” which opens the album, starts off as a ballad, with Jackson singing to an unspecified “you” about how, though she’s made mistakes, she’s never gone “without your love,” adding, “you made me feel wanted.” As the song shifts into a smooth, mid-tempo groove, it becomes clear that the “you” she’s referring to is actually, you, her fans. “Hello, it’s been a while,” she purrs, after the beat pulls back at the end of the track. “Lots to talk about./ I’m glad you’re still here./ I hope you enjoy.” The more she reveals from the new album, the more it seems that we will definitely enjoy.