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The Top 10 Movie Villains of All Time, in One Video Countdown

At this point, we’re well aware that CineFix knows how to put together a fun, analysis-driven countdown. Their latest top 10 ranking is no different, in which they take on a list of monstrous proportions: The greatest movie villains of all time.

There are some nice obvious choices here (the late, great Robert Mitchum makes two appearances on the list) and a couple of pleasant surprises (Li’l Zé from City of God). Alas, the list is solely male, though there are shout-outs to Annie Wilkes in Misery and Alex Forrest in Fatal Attraction. Come to argue about their picks and stay for the smart, detailed explanations for why they picked them—you may not end up agreeing, but you’ll definitely enjoy spending time in the company of some of your favorite bad guys.