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The HBO Now Login Samberg Just Gave Away at the Emmys? It Works.

Thanks, Andy Samberg!

Screenshot taken from HBO Now.

Update, Sept. 21, 2015 11:12 a.m.: The HBO Now account no longer seems to be working and returns an error.

As he presented the Emmys, Andy Samberg noted that many of the nominees this year come from HBO—and that many people still might not have a subscription to HBO Now. But, he noted, HBO CEO Richard Plepler doesn’t care if you share passwords with your friends. So, of course, Samberg, ever a man of the people, went ahead and did us all a kindness and shared his own login credentials: Username, and password, shockingly, password1. 


If that seems to good to be true, check for yourself. They work! And, perhaps even better, the Internet is already hard at work changing Andy’s profile information.

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