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Trevor Noah’s Butt Makes Its Slow-Motion Debut in the First Teaser for the New Daily Show

Trevor Noah is ready to helm The Daily Show. He’s practiced his introductions, he’s measured Jon Stewart’s desk (among other things), and now he’s got a new promotional teaser. It’s a simple gimmick: Noah struts in to the tune of “Power,” and sits down. “Same chair,” the promo says as Noah’s butt lowers to the seat in slow motion. “Different ass.” Noah slides down into view as he lowers the seat with a prolonged squeeeeeak.

It’s a very blatant joke about the height difference between himself and Stewart—a bit of a low blow, but generally in line with his running shtick as the aggressively overconfident newcomer. Is he also punning on the word “ass”? Surely. The new Daily Show premieres Sept. 28.