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Woody and Bo Peep Will Finally Find Love in Toy Story 4

One of the great romances of our time.

Still from YouTube

Toy Story 3, in this writer’s arbitrary critical opinion, is a perfect movie, but it sadly omitted a key character from Andy’s toy chest: Bo Peep, Woody’s plucky, porcelain belle amour. Peep’s absence from the film wasn’t really explained—she was briefly referenced as one of many “friends lost” during Andy’s teenage years—and viewers were left to assume the worst: that she’d been trashed, donated, or unceremoniously sold at a yard sale.  

But it looks like the sheperdess is set to make a big comeback—Pixar’s John Lasseter told CNBC on Friday that Toy Story 4 will not only include Bo Peep but revolve around her burgeoning romance with Woody. Lasseter, who will direct the film, had already revealed that the movie would be a romantic comedy, but  many assumed said romance would be between Buzz Lightyear and Jessie, whose friendship blossomed  into something a bit deeper in Toy Story 3. Toy Story 4 isn’t due out until 2017, but you should probably start stocking up on Kleenex now.