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Everything’s Bleaker in Texas in The Leftovers’ Season 2 Trailer

The Leftovers, the grim-but-good HBO show that has been likened to “being shoved underwater,” returns for its second season in October, and the first full-length trailer promises no reprieve from that “overwhelmingly, existentially serious” tone. There is, however, a change of scenery: The Garveys have left New York for Miracle National Park, Texas, a place curiously devoid of the disappearances that erased two percent of the world’s population.

The shift south means a whole new cast of characters, but some vaguely suspect neighbors and the trailer’s final warning that “there are no miracles in Miracle” confirm that the show’s slow-burn pace and dread-filled atmosphere will still be front and center. Here’s hoping the Garveys find a happy moment or two amid all that gloom.