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Wyatt Cenac and Jon Stewart Set Aside Their Differences for Stewart’s Last Show

Jon Stewart’s final Daily Show began with a star-studded send-off from pretty much all of the show’s  correspondents. But as the cameos piled up, one question nagged: Would Wyatt Cenac join in, weeks after declaring, on Marc Maron’s WTF podcast, that Stewart had told him to “fuck off” after a disagreement about whether a bit was racist?

Apparently, yes. Cenac called in alone. “Are you across the street?” Stewart asked. “Maybe.”

On WTF, Cenac had told Maron that he wasn’t sure if he was going to attend the finale taping. Looks like he took Maron’s advice to “just go.”

Their perfectly awkward exchange:

“Are you coming over?” Stewart asked.

“I’m thinking about it. I’ve got some balls in the air.”

“Alright … You good?”

“Yeah, I’m good. You good?”

“Yeah, I’m good. I’d love to see you.”

“I’ll think about it. My social media’s blowing up.”

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