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Watch Taylor Swift Bring Out Justin Timberlake and, Most Amazingly, Friends’ Phoebe Buffay

“This singer, she’s only ever played in coffee houses before,” Taylor Swift told a cheering audience in Los Angeles Wednesday night. “She’s never played a big venue like this. Please make her feel welcome. You guys, her name is Phoebe Buffay.”

Sure enough, Lisa Kudrow joined Swift onstage to play every Friends fan’s favorite jam, “Smelly Cat.” Kudrow, ever the character actor, stopped Swift mid-performance for a quick music tip: “You have to really feel the lyrics, you know?”


Selena Gomez also dropped by for a solid duet with Swift of “Good for You.” To top it all off, Justin Timberlake showed up to perform “Mirrors” with Swift—and dropped the mic at the end.