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FKA Twigs Just Dropped a New EP—and a Bizarrely Poetic 16-Minute Video    

FKA twigs has finally dropped her much-anticipated EP, along with an unexpected, bizarrely poetic music video that runs 16 minutes long. The EP, titled M3LL155X, features five tracks: “Figure 8,” “I’m Your Doll,” “In Time,” “Glass & Patron,” and “Mothercreep.” The EP is available to stream now, or purchase on iTunes.

The video weaves together four of the songs and illustrates them with avante garde visuals, oscillating between nightmarish and beautiful—sometimes projecting both at once. Twigs is transformed into a blow-up doll and impregnated, before giving birth to a coterie of dancers. (The latter part came from a previously released video for “Glass & Patron.”) And, of course, there’s a lot of great dancing from twigs herself.