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Miley Cyrus Disguised Herself As a Reporter to See What People Really Think of Her

As she prepares to host the MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday, Miley Cyrus took a page out of Drake’s book and went undercover on Jimmy Kimmel Live! to find out what America really thinks of her—and the results are about what you’d expect. Disguised as an Australian reporter (with a highly questionable accent) Cyrus nodded in agreement as people expressed their distaste for her—and, in one case, “her whole family.” Some responses were more reserved (“I just like Taylor Swift better”), though even some haters admitted that they’d never listened to her music. Other respondents were more harsh, such as one man in a cowboy hat who asserted, “I think she’s starving for attention.”

Cyrus’ response? “You took the words right out of my mouth.”